Football Net Machine Knotted

Football Net Machine Knotted

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Football net manufactured at G.D.S comes for different sides of goal post like 5-a-side, 11-a- side etc. These can be customized also. Usually 5-a-side football nets are used for school, clubs etc while 11-a-side is used for tournaments. These are manufactured with official standards and comes at a reasonable cost. 


  •  Made up of HDPE, 
  • Twine Material 
  • 5" square mesh 
  • 24' (width) X 8' (Height) X 4' (Top) X 10' (Base) Official Size 
  • 24' (width) X 8' (Height) X 6' (Top) X 6' (Base)  Box Type Size
  • HDPE 1.5 MM
  • HDPE 2.0 MM
  • HDPE 2.5 MM
  • HDPE 3.0 MM